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TV Installations + TV Wall Mounting Perth



Television Installation and Wall Mounting in Perth

Buying a new TV is a very exciting moment, particularly if it’s a substantial upgrade from your previous television. Setting up your television sub-optimally, or poorly using the space you have can make your new television lose some of its impact.


Our TV installation service is an excellent way for you to make the absolute most of your television and home theatre setup. A flat TV wall bracket is a great way for you to present your TV, as it sits effortlessly flush with the wall. By installing your television with a swivelling wall bracket, you can very easily have the flexibility to move your television while retaining the visually pleasant nature of a flat wall bracket.  


Wall mounts for any kind of mounting needs

At Perth TV Antennas, we stock a wide range of wall mounting solutions, including TV brackets and universal TV stands. This ensures that no matter what kind of TV and space you have, we have a way to make sure it is installed in the perfect manner.


Our approach to wall mounting is also highly effective in hiding unsightly wires, so that your new entertainment setup is one that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Without the presence of tangled cords, your entertainment area can better retain a pleasingly minimalist atmosphere.


Like to know about our wall mounting services?

If you’re interested in having your brand-new television professionally wall mounted, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can send your general enquiries through our online contact form, and we’ll be sure to reply as promptly as possible. At the bottom of this page you can also input the details of your exact setup, including information like TV size and cabling concealment, for a tailored quote.


Alternatively, you can call Richard directly on 1300 47 47 44 between 7am and 11pm, 7 days a week. For the best wall mounting in Perth, get in touch with us today!

Do you have young children?


Did you know there are more and more cases every year of small children being injured or even worse fatally injured because of falling TVs?


As a father of 3 small boys under 10 I know first hand what children are like and how quickly they can get onto and into things that they shouldnt be touching.. if you have kids you know exactally what im talking about..


How do we protect the ones we love.. well its pretty simply get the TV off the cabinet or shelf and get it mounted on the wall .. Its a small and now with our services a very cheap job so dont risk it, MOUNT YOUR TV ON THE WALL TODAY..


We can send one of our technicians around to your place and get your TV mounted straight away even today if you call before lunchtime if not we can have someone there in the morning..


In most cases we can be in and out within 1 hour..


We only use the safest materials when mounting TVs so you can trust in the fact that your TV will be mounted safely and securely.


If your TV is being mounted on a stud wall we may need to brace your wall first but this can all be done by us and will be assessed on the day.


We wall mount all TVS in Perth

From $129


- Upto 32" = $149

- 33" - 69" = $199

- 70" - 75" = $249

- 80" - 85" = $299


Hide Wires? + $99

Includes 2 x Brush Plates | 1 x Antenna Lead

TV Installation Perth Fully Installed From $149




TV Wall Mounting Perth Fully Installed From $149



- Upto 26" = $149

- 32" - 55" = $249

- 56" - 65" = $299

- 65" - 70" = $399


Hide Wires? + $99

Includes 2 x Brush Plates | 1 x Antenna Lead




TVS 32" - 60"


$129.00 Pickup

$199.00 Delivered &