TV Issues? are you having TV reception issues – TV pixelating or breaking up? cant receive all the channels? Did you know there are many factors that can affect your TV reception signal? things like damaged cabling, poor terminations , antenna deterioration, fly lead failure the list goes on………

Book in for a Digital Reception Test and we will attend your home do a full test on your system with testing equipment and give you the information you need to rectify the issues and if you go ahead with the work while we are there you dont get charged the call out fee! Now thats service

New Home? Need an Antenna?

Most home builders in Perth wont include your new antenna to be installed before handover.. In most cases the electrician who cabled your home will install the TV points in the main living area and these cables will be coiled up in the ceiling space ready to be terminated and connected..

 In this case what would happen is we will send a technician round to your home they will access the job and run thru the options to get you up and running with TV..

 We will install your new antenna and pole on the roof and with every attention to detail being considered like mounting the antenna at the rear of the property for a low visual impact from the road, we will connect your ready installed tv points and test them so all you need to do is connect your TV and start enjoying our exciting Perth TV broadcasts..

 We only use Australian Made Antennas and all our connections are made using digital FTYPE connections and digital FTYPE splitters, we also only use Quad Shield DIgital Coax Cabling on all jobs..

 For pricing on new home installs starting from $199 check out our antenna pricing here or call Richard for an over the phone fixed quote.

Is your home 15+ years old??

There are many factors that can affect your TV reception especially if your home is older with old style cabling..

 Unlike analog TV that gradually decayed with the signal quality digital TV doesnt do this you will have a crystal clear picture until the signal becomes to low then you will start to get break up of the picture , “weak” or “no signal” coming up on your TV or missing some channels ..

 Older cabling, older wall plates, older antennas, older fly leads all these things cause issues well what do we do about it ?? we offer a rewire of you home which involves us coming to your home replacing all your old exisiting TV points with new quad shield digital cabling, new wall plates and fly leads, new digital FTYPE splitter and with the option of a complete overhaul and replacement of your old antenna , pole and feed in cable..

 Prices start from $150 which includes replacing 2 points..

 In a standard type home 4×2 or 3×1 single story with 3 points you will be looking at around $200 and if we were to replace your old antenna and pole etc you would be around $350

 Call Richard today to get all your TV issues resolved fast and on budget..

Extension Masts

Alot of homes in Perth actually alot of suburbs in Perth you will notice the antennas are on high masts , this is because there are issues between where they live and the TV transmitters which are located in the hills , some suburbs that are “black spots” for TV reception are Scarborough, Hamilton Hill, Armadale and Fremantle to name a few.

 The higher you raise your antenna the better the signal quality and signal strength will become so in some cases you may have no option but to raise your antenna if you have exhausted all avenues of trying to resolve your issues.

 Raising an antenna should be done by a professional and someone who has done the work before so always make sure your antenna installer has the practical knowledge to partake in this work.

 We have experienced mast installers on the crew who can install 6- 30ft masts with suspension cabling and mounting points to the roof..

 Depending on the area you live will depend on the highed required to attain a good signal from the transmitters for this work we recommend a site visit to assess the current setup and ways to resolve we DONT RECOMMEND TRYING THIS YOURSELF its a very dangerous job.

 Call the experts today and have the job done properly.

 0404 617 323 Richard Perrin

Do you love Digital Radio??

Digital radio is becoming more popular every day with the introduction of more and more stations it definately is a century ahead of the old analog radio stations in quality and choice..

 We can install a Digital DAB radio antenna on the roof of your home ( just like a TV antenna ) and install a DAB radio point in your home assuring you have top DAB radio signal at all times..

 Our installs are $ 149 this includes the antenna the installation and the setup.


We supply and install quality Australian Made Matchmaster Digital TV Antennas with the Digimatch Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.
We deal direct with Matchmaster for the best rates possible.





We supply and install quality Australian Made Hills Digital TV Antennas.






Our budget Digital TV Antenna, this antenna is Australian Assembled only.



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Adam ( Via

Great guys, great service, great work!

Kyle ( Via Facebook )

5/5 Just had a visit to look at my adsl line. Guy came in, quick and easily sorted the issue and charged a reasonable price. Highly recommend

Chris ( Via Facebook )

Five star service.
Polite, reliable and affordable.
Thank you for a job well done.

Tony ( Via Facebook )

I found Brett extremely personable, informative and helpful. Thanks for a great job. Tony

Emma ( Via Facebook )

We were extremely happy with the work completed at our property on Friday 20 January. The house is a little different from the “norm” being a 1950s elevated Queenslander and the guys had to really think outside of the box and work out a number of solutions to mount 3 x TVs, install the necessary points and power and add a digital antenna. The TVs all look great and work perfectly, not a wire to be seen. Their advice was invaluable and the fact they thought to leave additional HDMI cords on our main new smart TV for future purchases will just make my life way easier! Would absolutely recommend Perth TV Antenna’s.

Nicky H ( Via )

Can’t thank you guys enough for your incredible service!! After initially having one of your competitors out who completely wasted my time (and money) by doing a rubbish job, one of your workers came out the following day to assess the issue. I was given a quote and when you returned the job turned out to be much bigger than initially thought. To top it off you guys charged me exactly what was quoted, stayed back well after work hours to finish the work and even cleaned up the minimal mess that was made. Will always return to you for anything electrical! 5 stars

Doritam ( Via )

Perth TV Antennas came out to replace the antenna which had bent over during the storm. The service was efficient and professionally done and without too much fuss. I also appreciated the friendly, down-to-earth way in which Mike, the technician, explained the reasons for replacing the old with the new antenna. I was very happy with the service!

MikeW792 ( Via )

Our old antenna had detached itself from the roof in the storms last week, and needed replacement or repair. The first tech I had look at it sensibly didn’t want to attempt a repair as our two storey colourbond roof has a very steep pitch, and the previous antenna had been – incorrectly – installed in the middle of the roof. Perth TV Antenna were recommended – by their competitor! – as being the firm to do the job as they could use a two man crew – which is necessary for safety reasons. The guys came on time, quickly assessed the situation, and carefully and safely made their way on to the roof. Once there, they removed the remnants of the old antenna, professionally fitted a new DTV antenna and fixed up the holes left from the old one. Safely! A courteous and professional service. I would certainly recommend them, especially for those ‘difficult’ situations.