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Very good question! And before you make a booking for a TV antenna installation in Perth with any antenna installer or TV reception repair guy, my suggestion would be to ask them WHAT product they are intending to install. Most antenna installers are reluctant to divulge this information as they are “Definitely” using cheap Chinese or Italian made products.

PERTH TV ANTENNAS fully support Australian made products across the board and depending on your area, it depends on the product that we would recommend to install. We recommend, supply and install Hills Digital Antennas. We are a Hills Preferred Installer on their website! This is why we are # 1! in Perth – Trusted by the BIG guys.

ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL!  The main Perth TV transmitter is a combination VHF/UHF high power transmitter up in the hills in Carmel at the top of Welshpool Road. There are multiple higher frequency UHF repeaters located around Perth, the most commonly used repeaters are 1. the Two Rocks repeater on the water towers up in Two Rocks, 2. the Rendezvous Hotel repeater in Scarborough, 3. Roleystone Repeater Tower and 4. in the Perth CBD. These are low power secondary transmitters for those properties that struggle to receive a decent signal from the main transmitters.

Repeater towers are what any professional installer should use as a last resort. Perth TV Antennas will always try to pull the signals from the main towers in the hills using a combination VHF Antenna like the Hills Black Arrow.

The further you get away from the transmitters the weaker the signals will get, so you may find that you could possibly need an amplifier / booster if you are in what we call a ‘Black Spot Area’  All Perth TV Antenna technicians know these areas, and are trained on overcoming any potential reception issues you may have.

We also come across jobs where installers have used antennas that are made in China and told the customer they are an Australian antenna and comes with a 10 year warranty (charged over $400 in most cases) in fact they are just a cheap Chinese made antennas that aren’t suitable for Perth conditions and fail within a year or two and it breaks my heart seeing people being taken advantage of.. Unfortunately these companies are everywhere (you see them all over Google) so very be careful whom you choose..

The Unfortunate Reality:  In recent years there has been an ever increasing trend among installers to get the cheapest product available stocked in vans to keep costs low and prices low. They are trying to keep up with the growing number of new installers entering the industry daily offering dangerously low and risky pricing, just to keep the doors open! Perth TV Antennas do not believe this is the way to go if you want a quality product professionally installed – Hassle free!. An important thing to remember is  – Your warranty is only as good as long as the installer is in business!

If an installers gives you a 10 year warranty and shuts shop 2 weeks later… your warranty is 2 weeks!

Back to TV antennas & The honest – brutal truth others won’t tell you!:  Just like anything else these days, you have cheap imported imitation copies of the real quality product, and this is no different for the antenna industry.

Perth TV Antennas ONLY use Australian Made antennas like the Hills Black Arrow.

An antenna called the Aus-Log, this antenna falsely gets advertised as Australian Made but it isn’t. The AusLog antenna, even though it bares the name Aus in the title isn’t Australian Made, its made in China and assembled in Australia – 2 completely different things. We don’t promote the AusLog as an Australian Made Antenna as it isn’t made in Australia, any installer that promotes the AusLog as Australian Made is being dishonest. The Hills TruBand range are made in Australia, these are real Australian Made products.

We are also seeing a lot of Italian Log Antennas called the Fraccaro being installed all over Perth suburbs. These antennas are also of poor quality! Despite what your installer may say, the Fraccaro Log is an Italian version of the AusLog and not designed to last in the tough Australian climate. For reasons unknown – some installers believe putting ‘Italian made’ in the sales pitch makes the antenna sound like its the Lamborghini of antennas, when in reality – they are the FIAT of the industry (FIAT = Fix It Again Tomorrow)

Our advice would be AVOID the Chinese and Italian made antennas – They are poor quality and do not last.

Ask for Australian Made. Do it once and do it right!

In fact we used to install the budget antennas, however, “every” single budget antenna we installed, called within a 24 month period to say it has become faulty. We visited again upgrading them to an Australian made antenna (Hills Black Arrow – Lifetime Warranty) and have “NEVER” had a complaint or had a faulty one yet.

As the saying goes ‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

In our opinion, if you are paying less than $379 for an antenna replacement, I guarantee that the installer is using a cheap Chinese or Italian product like the AusLog, Fraccaro or a Digitek antenna, cutting corners on the quality of the work, or both. A lot of our service work is FIXUP work for customers that have had cheap installers attend their property multiple times to fix issues, these issues still left unresolved, they call us! We end up fixing work half finished or fixing bad workmanship and a lot of the time replacing products incorrectly supplied and installed. Majority of the time its dodgy gumtree antenna installers or newbies to the industry that either were super cheap and/or had no idea what they were doing. My Advice? Make sure you check the reviews on your installer before booking.

If they hide their reviews, have suspicious 5 star reviews or NO reviews.. there is a reason for that.



We get customers asking to buy boosters.. When quizzed on why they want to buy a booster… the answer is normally “my signals are bad so I want to boost the signal” WRONG!

This is the biggest mistake made by DIY customers and un-experienced technicians. A good technician will always try to avoid using a booster or amplifier if possible. A booster is the last resort when it comes to rectifying antenna reception problems. Another saying to remember is “Rubbish in rubbish out” This means if the signals coming in from the antenna are poor, by amplifying or boosting these signals you are most likely going to make the issue worse, as you are boosting or amplifying the bad signal.

Loud and noisy signals are a TV tuners worst enemy. We have attended multiple jobs where the customer has had an installer from a another company out and the installer has replaced the antenna and thrown a booster on there to get as much out of the customer as possible. On testing we normally find the signals ARE TOO HIGH with the booster fitted, and the booster needs to be removed. Over boosting / amplifying  (over modulating) TV reception is as bad as weak or low signals. TV reception needs to be between a certain DB (Power level) range to work correctly, and most importantly (this is what only Specialist technicians understand) and that is the Interference levels, these levels are the first thing we look at, if they are not within a healthy range, the signal will have pixelation and drop outs. 

There is no such thing as an analog or digital antenna, so don’t be fooled by other installers telling you you need a ‘digital antenna’. Most old antennas on Perth metro roof’s are VHF/UHF combination antennas, which means that they can pickup the analog and digital TV signal spectrum, even though the analog signals in Perth were turned off in 2013. You may find that if your antenna is ageing, then the signals coming in may be low. Normally depending on the area, a simple assessment and antenna replacement may be required. We always recommend a service visit before committing to an antenna installation, as if we find the issue is something minor like a splitter, wall plate or fly lead, you may be spending money on something you do not need to. Just because an antenna is old, does not mean it need’s replacing.

That’s an easy question to answer


We have a small team of local technicians servicing your area from Two Rocks down to Mandurah.

Perth TV Antennas prides itself on the quality of its service and will only send one of our fully trained technician to your property (in 98% of cases, it’ll be myself Justin)

I am Justin the owner and have been in the Audio Visual Industry for over 22 years. I am a “Specialist” technician which means I’m certified as an expert in Antennas, TV, WiFi, Data and Audio.

I am more than happy to help you over he phone to discuss any potential issues you may be having. I’m always happy to assist. I will always only be a quick phone call away and can be reached directly on this number 1300 47 47 44 7 days a week, and as long as I’m awake, I will answer your call. If I’m not available for any reason please leave a message and I will contact you back as soon a possible. I love what I do and have a huge passion for perfection on EVERY job as I want the absolute best for every customer. You are not a number to me, I treat everyone as if I have known you forever and want to give you the best possible service with the best possible performance so you can enjoy your TV or equipment.

As the Perth installer for Retail Partners, Perth TV Antennas is one of the main TV and audio visual installers for  The Good Guys stores in WA. We also install TV and Audio Visual equipment for Retravision, JB-Hifi and Harvey Norman Centres. We have been installing for the major retailers since early 2000’s and have built a solid reputation in the industry as a reliable and professional installation company.

Perth TV Antennas accepts the extended warranty on selected models. Please see below the manufacturer warranty information.

Hills Black Arrow – Australian Designed and Manufactured, has a Lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Other Warranty Periods for PARTS only are:





Labour for all products is covered by a 12 month limited replacement warranty. After 12 months, labour is chargeable for all part replacements. 

New TV antenna installations include the following parts and up-to (1) one hours labour on-site.



1 x Galvanised valley mount or J-Pole facia mount.
1 x Digital TV Antenna.
Up-to 10M of RG6 quad shielded cabling.
Connection to existing TV splitter in roof space or connection to existing single TV outlet with a barrell connection joiner.


1 x Galvanised tripod tin mount.
1 x Digital TV Antenna.
Up-to 10M of RG6 quad shielded cabling.
Connection to existing TV splitter in roof space or connection to existing single TV outlet with a barrell connection joiner.

Things to consider that may affect you antenna installation pricing.

No roof space access.
Steep roof pitch.
Steel frame roof.

2 Storey.
Low signal areas.

If you are unsure, then we can attend your property for an obligation on-site quote.

To replace your TV antenna with a new Digital Antenna  this will include the following parts and up-to (1) one hours labour on-site.



Remove old antenna ready to be disposed.
1 x Digital TV Antenna.
Connection to existing pole and cabling.


Remove old antenna ready to be disposed.
1 x Digital TV Antenna.
Connection to existing pole and cabling.

Things to consider that may affect you antenna replacement pricing.

Deteriorating cable or pole (may need replacing)
No roof space access.
Steep roof pitch.
Steel frame roof.

2 Storey.
Low signal areas.

If you are unsure, then we can attend your property for an obligation free on-site quote.

Our warranty on antenna parts covers manufacturing problems that may arise after installation.

Covered under the warranty are:

DOA or faulty products.
Any warranty arising from workmanship or incorrect installation (though this has never happened).

What isn’t covered by the warranty:

Damage caused by birds, or wildlife.
Damage caused by lightning and/or storm damage.
Damage caused by a third party (Roof repairer, electrician or another installer etc).
Anything deemed to be an external cause.
Issues classed as external interference.

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Premium Cleaning Services (5 Star Google Review)



Quick, efficient service and a good outcome.

Mark Odell (5 Star Google Review)


I’m so impressed with the prompt response to my online enquiry I decided to use Perth TV Antennas. The technician was on time, efficient, courteous and he left everything clean and tidy. Highly recommend them..

Michelle Bryan (5 Star Google Review)



Fantastic professional service provided by Michael, Perth TV Antennas. They come highly recommended and have fixed a problem I have had with my antenna for 2 years. Michael answered all my questions and assisted in every way possible.


Eve Shipley (5 Star Google Review)



Great service. Prompt, reliable and punctual. Good communication. Had Mike out twice for two separate jobs and very happy to say that I will be contacting again in the new future for further work.

Kar Rea (5 Star Google Review)



Excellent customer service. Fast, efficient, reliable. Good rates. Contacted the quote request on the website Sunday, 8.30 am Monday, Brett turned up. Job done in 20 min. All working. Would recommend his business to anyone

Adam (5 Star Review Word of Mouth)



Great guys, great service, great work!

Kyle (5 Star Facebook Review)



5/5 Just had a visit to look at my adsl line. Guy came in, quick and easily sorted the issue and charged a reasonable price. Highly recommend

Chris (5 Star Facebook Review)



Five star service.
Polite, reliable and affordable.
Thank you for a job well done.

Tony (5 Star Facebook Review)



I found Brett extremely personable, informative and helpful. Thanks for a great job. Tony

Emma (5 Star Facebook Review)


We were extremely happy with the work completed at our property on Friday 20 January. The house is a little different from the “norm” being a 1950s elevated Queenslander and the guys had to really think outside of the box and work out a number of solutions to mount 3 x TVs, install the necessary points and power and add a digital antenna. The TVs all look great and work perfectly, not a wire to be seen. Their advice was invaluable and the fact they thought to leave additional HDMI cords on our main new smart TV for future purchases will just make my life way easier! Would absolutely recommend Perth TV Antenna’s.

Nicky H (5 Star Word of Mouth Review)


Can’t thank you guys enough for your incredible service!! After initially having one of your competitors out who completely wasted my time (and money) by doing a rubbish job, one of your workers came out the following day to assess the issue. I was given a quote and when you returned the job turned out to be much bigger than initially thought. To top it off you guys charged me exactly what was quoted, stayed back well after work hours to finish the work and even cleaned up the minimal mess that was made. Will always return to you for anything electrical! 5 stars

Doritam (5 Star Word Of Mouth Review)



Perth TV Antennas came out to replace the antenna which had bent over during the storm. The service was efficient and professionally done and without too much fuss. I also appreciated the friendly, down-to-earth way in which Mike, the technician, explained the reasons for replacing the old with the new antenna. I was very happy with the service!

MikeW792 (5 Star Review Word of Mouth)



Our old antenna had detached itself from the roof in the storms last week, and needed replacement or repair. The first tech I had look at it sensibly didn’t want to attempt a repair as our two storey colourbond roof has a very steep pitch, and the previous antenna had been – incorrectly – installed in the middle of the roof. Perth TV Antenna were recommended – by their competitor! – as being the firm to do the job as they could use a two man crew – which is necessary for safety reasons. The guys came on time, quickly assessed the situation, and carefully and safely made their way on to the roof. Once there, they removed the remnants of the old antenna, professionally fitted a new DTV antenna and fixed up the holes left from the old one. Safely! A courteous and professional service. I would certainly recommend them, especially for those ‘difficult’ situations.

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