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Have you purchased a complete home theatre setup from a retailer? If you want your investment running like a dream, we recommend having your new equipment installed by us. What people seem to forget about these systems is they need a correct audio visual installation and need to be calibrated to achieve optimal effectiveness and output from the audio and visual system. I have installed thousands of home theatres over the years, and unlike our competitors we don’t outsource our installers or use contractors. Most of the time you will have me, Richard, attending your home theatre installation.

When we install projectors and screens as part of your home theatre setup we use laser measuring equipment to get a precise measurement, as 1 mm out on the projector side will throw the whole projection system out of alignment. A lot of installers will compensate for these tolerances by using functions built into the projector, e.g. keystone and lens shift. I believe this is wrong, and we frown upon the use of these adjustments when carrying out an audio visual installation.

We believe in the old saying “Do it once, do it right!”

If you have any questions relating to home theatre installation, please feel free to contact me anytime direct on my mobile. Before you book anywhere else, beware! A lot of the AV installation companies in Perth use sub-standard contractors with working visas, so my advice is to ask who will be attending first. If you want personal one on one service with the owner (me), then that’s what you will receive.

Home theatre


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    Projector & Screen Installation


  • Unbox and Installations of Projector and Screen
  • Mount units with customer supplied brackets
  • Conceal cabling to projector
  • Connect with exisitng componants
  • Calibrate , test and demo
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    HTIB (Home Theatre in a Box)


  • Unbox and Installation of
  • 5.1 Home Theatre system
  • Audio Only
  • Connect to exisiting TV
  • Conceal cabling to rears and mount on wall add $ 299

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    We’ll carry out a quality TV installation Perth wide

    The safest and most reliable option when it comes to installing a TV in your home is to talk to us at Perth TV Antennas about providing high-quality TV wall mounting to any room of your house. No matter whether you have an analogue or digital television set, we’ll set it up securely – and even connect your entire home theatre setup and tune your TV. Drop us a line right away if you want a television installation that will have your TV completely kid- and earthquake-proof. Get true peace of mind from one of our Perth TV Antennas staff members today.

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    Adam ( Via WOMO.com.au)

    Great guys, great service, great work!

    Kyle ( Via Facebook )

    5/5 Just had a visit to look at my adsl line. Guy came in, quick and easily sorted the issue and charged a reasonable price. Highly recommend

    Chris ( Via Facebook )

    Five star service.
    Polite, reliable and affordable.
    Thank you for a job well done.

    Tony ( Via Facebook )

    I found Brett extremely personable, informative and helpful. Thanks for a great job. Tony

    Emma ( Via Facebook )

    We were extremely happy with the work completed at our property on Friday 20 January. The house is a little different from the “norm” being a 1950s elevated Queenslander and the guys had to really think outside of the box and work out a number of solutions to mount 3 x TVs, install the necessary points and power and add a digital antenna. The TVs all look great and work perfectly, not a wire to be seen. Their advice was invaluable and the fact they thought to leave additional HDMI cords on our main new smart TV for future purchases will just make my life way easier! Would absolutely recommend Perth TV Antenna’s.

    Nicky H ( Via WOMO.com.au )

    Can’t thank you guys enough for your incredible service!! After initially having one of your competitors out who completely wasted my time (and money) by doing a rubbish job, one of your workers came out the following day to assess the issue. I was given a quote and when you returned the job turned out to be much bigger than initially thought. To top it off you guys charged me exactly what was quoted, stayed back well after work hours to finish the work and even cleaned up the minimal mess that was made. Will always return to you for anything electrical! 5 stars

    Doritam ( Via WOMO.com.au )

    Perth TV Antennas came out to replace the antenna which had bent over during the storm. The service was efficient and professionally done and without too much fuss. I also appreciated the friendly, down-to-earth way in which Mike, the technician, explained the reasons for replacing the old with the new antenna. I was very happy with the service!

    MikeW792 ( Via WOMO.com.au )

    Our old antenna had detached itself from the roof in the storms last week, and needed replacement or repair. The first tech I had look at it sensibly didn’t want to attempt a repair as our two storey colourbond roof has a very steep pitch, and the previous antenna had been – incorrectly – installed in the middle of the roof. Perth TV Antenna were recommended – by their competitor! – as being the firm to do the job as they could use a two man crew – which is necessary for safety reasons. The guys came on time, quickly assessed the situation, and carefully and safely made their way on to the roof. Once there, they removed the remnants of the old antenna, professionally fitted a new DTV antenna and fixed up the holes left from the old one. Safely! A courteous and professional service. I would certainly recommend them, especially for those ‘difficult’ situations.