In Roof Antenna Installations

We had a call from a customer today who had been quoted by another antenna installer for a new antenna installation in a renovation in Armadale, the quote was for an ‘in-roof antenna’. My instant response to this was DO NOT PROCEED! first things first is that the customer had a TIN roof so this was never going to work, not only this it was in Armadale so we would never recommend an in ceiling antenna installation there. The question is .. Can an antenna be installed in a roof space..?? and the answer is……… YES! depending on certain circumstances! An antenna can only be installed in a roof that is tile, and the roof also cannot have foil Sarking under the tiles. Although some installers will say you can’t install an antenna in a roof, the reality is you can. This is only possible in certain suburbs and there are certain factors that come into the installation, so Perth TV Antennas will also check first and analyse the signal levels before we would commit to a ceiling mounted antenna.

Hills Black Arrow for Yanchep

If you have purchased a new property in Yanchep and not sure what antenna is best for you then Perth TV Antennas recommend the Hills range of antennas – depending on the transmitter we recommend the Black Arrow or the UHF Black Arrow. Service all Yanchep for antenna installation and repairs, tv installation and wall mounting services. Gerry our Yanchep based installer is ready to get you up and running.