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” Your Local Technician .. Perth’s # 1 for Service “

Not all antenna installation companies are the same… If you are looking for an honest business that is upfront from the start and also knows Perth and all its reception ‘quirks’ then Call Richard and his team today. We know Perth! We know EVERY suburb! Our experience comes from experience…

As John Hughes says ” Choose your dealer, before you choose your car” we agree on the concept, and you should do your research and choose your installer wisely before you book an installation. Having a roof leak to save a few dollars could turn into a very expensive and messy nightmare. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we are born and bred in Perth, WA. We started as a single Audio Visual technician in a van back in 2006 and slowly growing the business to now having a team of guru installers on the team. Its all about offering professional and honest service at a fair and reasonable price, and backing that up with 7 day support. This was all it took to get us where we are today, well that and long hot days spent in and on thousands of Perth customer’s roof’s. We now have a team of professional and highly experienced technicians out in the field. There are many over east antenna companies that have franchises in Perth, these companies work on an ‘anyone can buy a franchise’ model, all you need is cash!. Just remember that BIG franchisee you have attend your property may be new to the industry.  There are antenna franchise companies that actively and proudly promote the fact that their antenna installers moved from one industry and purchased an antenna business for the ‘lifestyle’ with no experience and a quick training course. These guys just don’t have the real world experience in the field like the team at Perth TV Antennas have. If we can’t fix it… No one can! Celebrating 13 years in the industry! And we look forward to the next 13!

If we dont support our Australian Made products then who will? We PROUDLY recommend and install quality Australian Made antennas like Hills Digital TV Antennas and the  Matchmaster Magna range of Digital Antennas with Lifetime Warranty.  Buying Australian made keeps the money here and keeps our fellow Aussies in a job. Not all antennas are the same Matchmaster and Hills Antennas are the best quality antennas on the market! If you have exhausted all avenues of trying to resolve your issues then contact Perth TV Antennas today – Replace, Raise or Boost? We can test to find the problem and fix it FAST!.  


We are preferred Hills InstallersWe come recommend by Hills themselves. You can find us on their Preferred Installers page.

We are a Matchmaster Dealer! Perth TV Antennas are the only installers in WA to have a direct relationship with Matchmaster direct. Matchmaster offer a genuine lifetime manufactures warranty on their Digimatch range of antennas. We recommend the Machmaster Magna 25!

Thats why we are #1 – Trusted by the BIG brands to do the right job!

Why would you call anyone else?  

Enquire online or Call Richard direct on 0404 617 323 – Phones open 7 Days!

We use paperless billing. Your invoice will be emailed to you on the spot when the technician is onsite and the work has been completed. This is all done via our custom proprietry cloud based scheduling system. You can receive your receipt via email or SMS. 

Our proprietry Cloud Based software, tracks and logs all your warranty information. If you loose your receipt, we have you covered. All it takes is a phone call and we can find you on our system at any time from any location.

Perth TV Antennas aims to be one of the most eco friendly antenna businesses in WA. We recycle all our cardboard and aluminium and do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. We don’t have electric vans yet, but that could be on the cards in the future!


For you piece of mind we are fully insured with a 20m public liability policy (never used) be cautious of “Gumtree” installers offering cheap antenna installations, these guys are normally un-insured, install cheap rubbish, and wont be there when you have an issue.

When you book an appointment we will book you in for either an AM or PM time slot. On the morning of the installation you will receive an SMS to your mobile with our estimated arrival time. Once the technicians clocks into your job, and is heading your way, you will receive another SMS notification advising of our arrival time. This is live and works on GPS, so you know exactly when the technician will be arriving at your property. Don’t waste a day waiting around.

We are not Facebook actors!..  No we are not budding movie stars! … Nor do we want to be! –  We don’t think it’s appropriate to put up videos on ‘How To Install Your TV’.. you may wonder why? Well its simply because we do not recommend doing this yourself, unless you have experience using power tools and drills. One wrong size drill bit and the TV could come off the wall! Not only could this damage your TV and furniture if it hits the floor or cabinet, but this could also be deadly if you have small children – So you won’t find Perth TV Antennas making ‘How To’ videos.  We will however give you the best value for money for a professional installation, with all work  backed by our lifetime workmanship warranty. With TV installations including the bracket from $149, why would you risk it?.. it makes no sense.

We also won’t quote you on a $150-$180 antenna on our website or over the phone, then arrive and try and up-sell you to something more expensive. Yes that’s the deal with most antenna installers, even the installers reading this and getting upset with me, sorry guys, but you know the deal..!. We only recommend antennas we would install on our own homes!  OFF THE BAT!  We don’t try and bait and switch like a lot of our competitors…

Genuine and honest over the phone quotes.. Thats our promise!

We are always available. If you have a problem, you can Call Richard anytime on the mobile. Remember our phones are open 7 days.


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Premium Cleaning Services (5 Star Google Review)



Quick, efficient service and a good outcome.

Mark Odell (5 Star Google Review)


I’m so impressed with the prompt response to my online enquiry I decided to use Perth TV Antennas. The technician was on time, efficient, courteous and he left everything clean and tidy. Highly recommend them..

Michelle Bryan (5 Star Google Review)



Fantastic professional service provided by Michael, Perth TV Antennas. They come highly recommended and have fixed a problem I have had with my antenna for 2 years. Michael answered all my questions and assisted in every way possible.


Eve Shipley (5 Star Google Review)



Great service. Prompt, reliable and punctual. Good communication. Had Mike out twice for two separate jobs and very happy to say that I will be contacting again in the new future for further work.

Kar Rea (5 Star Google Review)



Excellent customer service. Fast, efficient, reliable. Good rates. Contacted the quote request on the website Sunday, 8.30 am Monday, Brett turned up. Job done in 20 min. All working. Would recommend his business to anyone

Adam (5 Star Review Word of Mouth)



Great guys, great service, great work!

Kyle (5 Star Facebook Review)



5/5 Just had a visit to look at my adsl line. Guy came in, quick and easily sorted the issue and charged a reasonable price. Highly recommend

Chris (5 Star Facebook Review)



Five star service.
Polite, reliable and affordable.
Thank you for a job well done.

Tony (5 Star Facebook Review)



I found Brett extremely personable, informative and helpful. Thanks for a great job. Tony

Emma (5 Star Facebook Review)


We were extremely happy with the work completed at our property on Friday 20 January. The house is a little different from the “norm” being a 1950s elevated Queenslander and the guys had to really think outside of the box and work out a number of solutions to mount 3 x TVs, install the necessary points and power and add a digital antenna. The TVs all look great and work perfectly, not a wire to be seen. Their advice was invaluable and the fact they thought to leave additional HDMI cords on our main new smart TV for future purchases will just make my life way easier! Would absolutely recommend Perth TV Antenna’s.

Nicky H (5 Star Word of Mouth Review)


Can’t thank you guys enough for your incredible service!! After initially having one of your competitors out who completely wasted my time (and money) by doing a rubbish job, one of your workers came out the following day to assess the issue. I was given a quote and when you returned the job turned out to be much bigger than initially thought. To top it off you guys charged me exactly what was quoted, stayed back well after work hours to finish the work and even cleaned up the minimal mess that was made. Will always return to you for anything electrical! 5 stars

Doritam (5 Star Word Of Mouth Review)



Perth TV Antennas came out to replace the antenna which had bent over during the storm. The service was efficient and professionally done and without too much fuss. I also appreciated the friendly, down-to-earth way in which Mike, the technician, explained the reasons for replacing the old with the new antenna. I was very happy with the service!

MikeW792 (5 Star Review Word of Mouth)



Our old antenna had detached itself from the roof in the storms last week, and needed replacement or repair. The first tech I had look at it sensibly didn’t want to attempt a repair as our two storey colourbond roof has a very steep pitch, and the previous antenna had been – incorrectly – installed in the middle of the roof. Perth TV Antenna were recommended – by their competitor! – as being the firm to do the job as they could use a two man crew – which is necessary for safety reasons. The guys came on time, quickly assessed the situation, and carefully and safely made their way on to the roof. Once there, they removed the remnants of the old antenna, professionally fitted a new DTV antenna and fixed up the holes left from the old one. Safely! A courteous and professional service. I would certainly recommend them, especially for those ‘difficult’ situations.

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